24 Hours

Made during my BA, this comic poster predicted what my life would be like as a full time designer, exploring my ideal world and how I would balance work and play.
Economic Empowerment

Designing email for Square, I realized we had a need for illustrations of people to help demonstrate key marketing concepts like 'mobile staff'. I developed a style of illustration based on the icon library, and then I proceeded to design a library of clothing, hairstyles, and poses for us to use across multiple campaigns. I decided to play with color to see how far the style could be taken in a future context.
PyCon Booth and Branding for SurveyMonkey

Our branding and booth for PyCon 2017 takes its inspiration from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I worked with a copywriter to develop my proposed theme and took it from there. Coordinating with our HR events planner, I designed a booth, t-shirt, stickers, survey, and online invitation. The booth features an illustrated 9 foot square comic. This project was particularly fun for me because I got a chance to write copy and develop the idea from the ground up.

This installation, at 28 feet wide, adorns the SurveyMonkey game room. Inspired by scenes of both old and new, Vegas comes to life in a playful, stylistic manner.

Hackaton at SurveyMonkey is a crazy week for the engineering and product teams. I was asked to design a fun shirt which would embody the playful, but intense spirit of the week.

Created as a series to demonstrate the values we live by at SurveyMonkey, these collages combine playful imagery with strong themetic messages. Light typography lends clarity.

Part of my MA project, the photoseries, Mary, combines graphic fashion photography with hand crocheted blankets to create a series of intense images with religious connotations.
River of Ink

I created a series of illustrations for a teen fiction series, written by Helen Dennis and published by Hachette, engaging young readers with topics such as alchemy, technology, mythology, philosophy, and medicine.