Whistles Wilde

Whistles, a British clothing retailer, represents classical English quality and heritage. I crafted a campaign for a trio of perfumes exploring the Oscar Wilde short story ‘The Nightengale and the Rose’, a tragic fable about love, sacrifice, and botany.
24 Hours

Made during my BA, this comic poster predicted what my life would be like as a full time designer, exploring my ideal world and how I would balance work and play.
LUSH Herbal Hair Care

Photographic book for LUSH Cosmetics exploring ingredients and their uses in making recipes for hair treatmeants; the book also examines the history of natural haircare.
Photography by Laura Allen, Biddy Dymond, and Bonnie Kate Wolf.
Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces, part of my MA final project, examines the relationships between craft, the home, religion, and graphic process. Craft objects champion queerness and allow us to be nostalgic and to dream. Through making, users can find a new sense of spirit.

Part of my MA project, the photoseries, Mary, combines graphic fashion photography with hand crocheted blankets to create a series of intense images with religious connotations.
Garden Typeface

Designed using vintage vegetable illustrations, this decorative typeface is made for embellishing products both print based and digital.
River of Ink

I created a series of illustrations for a teen fiction series, written by Helen Dennis and published by Hachette, engaging young readers with topics such as alchemy, technology, mythology, philosophy, and medicine.
Destination 2020

Presentation aimed at HR, focusing on flexible living, wellbeing, and the future workplace.
Email Campaign for Jo Malone

I created a new email template for Jo Malone to present the company with a more ‘editorial’ look for their monthly newsletter. This new version aimed to increase customers’ understanding of the products while presenting them with a high-fashion look, all while maintaining the signature Jo Malone branding.